A Week in the Life of the Executive Director…

 Being the Executive Director at a small museum and archives means I am involved with a wide range of activities.  In addition to administration work, I find I am also involved with helping in nearly all aspects of operations here from the sublime to the mundane.

DaveOver the past week or so, for example, I was helping our new Educator, Laura Price, get settled in and started in her new job.  This included, on her very first day here, helping coordinate and attend (and even a little teaching) the Home School workshop which had 5 children attending.  Part of the class was in the Meeting Room where Curator Candace Perry talked about Fraktur and artist Arline Christ talked to the children about the artwork inspired by Fraktur currently on exhibit: Elements of Fraktur, Studio B “Artist Members on the Road.  Later in the week, I was removing the round tables and setting up chairs in preparation for the Exile Society meeting and program on Sunday.

In addition to this, I also was matting and framing Frakturs for the new exhibit we’re installing: The Samuel W. Pennypacker Collection.  Once matted and framed, Curator of Collections Candace Perry laid them out in the Fraktur Gallery and I then hung them on the walls: some 40 or so Fraktur!  I also found myself beginning to mount and cut the labels for the exhibit.

While all this was happening, I was pulling together the next issue of the Heritage Headlines, the Heritage Center’s quarterly newsletter.  I was writing articles, collecting articles from staff, setting it all up in Publisher software, finding images (taking some pictures myself) and proofing, proofing, proofing!

I also had the pleasure to welcome a group tour and talk to them about Schwenckfeld and the Schwenkfelders; meet with the planning committee for the Penn Dry Goods Market event (coming up in May, 2014); schedule staff reviews which are due by the end of October; set up the Putz tables and railing around the Putz; talking to a contractor about installation of a door monitor; meeting with the Board of Governors of the Exile Society of which I am President; and prepare for the Exile Society meeting which I was leading including the presenting of updates on the Viewheg Monument treating and cleaning project (in Twardocice, Poland) and the progress on the Berthelsdorf, Germany Schwenkfelder Gemeindehaus restoration.

Yes, it was a week filled with the varied tasks required of an Executive Director at the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center!

Dave Luz, Executive Director


About schwenkfelder

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the Schwenkfelders and the history of southeastern Pennsylvania and the Perkiomen Region. The Heritage Center offers educational programming and tours, exhibits, workshops, and events throughout the year. Our blog is maintained by museum educator, Rebecca Lawrence, SLHC staff and guest bloggers.
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