Gallery Activity: Signature Paper Quilt Squares

Paper Quilt in Rear Gallery

Our paper quilt in our rear first floor gallery. Visit our exhibition and add your square through October 31, 2011.

From now through the end of this month of October, we invite you to come to the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center and contribute to our paper quilt square activity in our gallery on the first floor.

Perfect for all ages, our project invites you to contribute a paper quilt square to make a large signature paper quilt. Collectively each square together forms a large quilt. While not a quilt by its traditional definition, this collective project reflects the same sense of community and individuality seen in our 1889 Sampler Signature Quilt in our Christopher Schultz exhibit.

Visit the SLHC and view the original cotton Sampler Signature Quilt on display. The signature quilt will be on display through February 2012.

Sampler Signature Quilt

A Sampler Signature Quilt. A signature quilt is compiled of various quilt blocks, or squares made by many individuals in the community. Each individual block is signed by its creator. This one currently on exhibit was made ca. 1889 by various friends and descendants of Christopher Schultz.

Reflect on the various shapes, patterns, and designs on the quilt. Can you identify the various names sewn on each block that define the quilt as a signature quilt? Walk to the rear section of the first floor gallery, directly behind the Art Gallery. There we’ve supplied square bases and a variety of colored shapes for you to arrange to design your own square. As you create your square, talk about the decisions you made in color and shape selection. Reflect on the diversity of the quilt squares other visitors have added to the signature quilt.

Our paper quilt square project will be on exhibit through October 31, 2011. The Legacy of Christopher Schultz which features the original Signature quilt closes in February 2012.

If you’d like to bring a small group to contribute paper quilt squares as part of our gallery project, contact me, Rebecca Lawrence, at (215) 679-3103 or to arrange a date and time to visit the SLHC. Any participants that voluntarily leave their address information on the back of their quilt square will receive it in the mail in early November 2011.

Instructions and paper quilt activity in gallery

Instructions and materials in our gallery


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