Photos at the Valley Grind Café

Our summer intern, Lori Calvario, an East Greenville resident, helped to organize, install, and promote our coffee house exhibit that opened September 10, 2010. During our Meet and Greet on September 24th at the Valley Grind Café, Lori and I met with local residents Lucy and Bob Kern, Ron Treichler, Ernie Bauman, Michael Snyder, and Emma van Valkenburgh and reminisced about how the valley has changed over the years. We listened to reflections about the Second World War, early careers, and school days at the East Greenville School. Ernie Bauman, the oldest member of the local Lyons club and one of its first chartered members, helped us identify locations as well as the individuals on the East Greenville baseball team.

Our photo exhibit at the Valley Grind Café on Main Street in East Greenville hopes to encourage the local coffee shop patrons in our small town community to come together and reflect upon what the community looked like years ago. Lori Calvario worked with Archivist Hunt Schenkel to select images from our archives that would be most familiar to local residents. It is a small exhibit of photographs from the turn of the 20th century to the present day. There are images of dirt roads where not a single telephone line runs along the street, scenes of horse drawn carriages, and landscape views of the pump house, and Bieler Hill in East Greenville.

As part of the photo exhibit you can leave comments and photos on the community bulletin boards along the wall. Leave a note reflecting on your memories of attending the East Greenville School, shopping at Hevener and Shelly, or make observations about the differences between the community now and what the community looked like a century ago. If you have photos of the present day or of the past, you are welcome to submit your images to our Flickr group, Review our group rules before joining and submitting your photographs.

If you’re in the Upper Perkiomen Valley we encourage you to view our exhibit at the Valley Grind Café. It opened September 10th and will remain on exhibit through January 2011. The Heritage Center is appreciative of the efforts Lori Calvario put into the project as well as Mark and Andy at the Valley Grind Café for making this exhibit possible.

-Rebecca Lawrence, Museum Educator

About schwenkfelder

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history of the Schwenkfelders and the history of southeastern Pennsylvania and the Perkiomen Region. The Heritage Center offers educational programming and tours, exhibits, workshops, and events throughout the year. Our blog is maintained by museum educator, Rebecca Lawrence, SLHC staff and guest bloggers.
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